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I am a producer and editor, with 20+ years agency and industry experience. I create impactful and effective video content for the web, social, and broadcast.

I'm well-informed, organized, and collaborative - Quick to understand project goals and cultures, and happy to support or lead, whatever best serves the project.

I enjoy the process. I'm passionate about good ideas and well-told stories, attuned to tone, coherence and authenticity, and dedicated to consistently delivering great-looking communications that connect.

I'm an expert editor, fluent in Premiere and After FX.

I also write, direct, shoot, and create motion graphics.


Experienced in most forms and formats, for all screens, including commercial, corporate, social, documentary, performance, video-journalism, and animation.  

I own broadcast and cinema camera packages, lighting and audio kits, and carry full production insurance.

Recent work.

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